The 'Lets go Lesvos CLUB' is a scheme created by myself, along with of course the locals who will make your visit different - with their hospitality, service and care.

To JOIN :  Send me an email - and I will then send you the application form.
Once your have filled that in you will get a membership card and a list of businesses all over the island where you will be most welcome and appreciated.

The LETS GO LESVOS Club is organising the LESVOS EUROPEAN PROMOTION ROADSHOW through 14 European countries and stopping at 28 European cities.
At each stop, whether it be a square or outside a local shopping centre, will consist of giving out of posters, leaflets and local miniture products from the island to all that come along and see - support us.

This tour was meant to take place in March 2011, but was postponed.  We are hoping NOT for EVER, as we amongst others feel that this is the ONLY WAY to get LESVOS heard.  Watch this space!!!!!

We need to do this as we are not able to compete with other well known islands at exhibitions and we hope this will create more awareness throughout Europe and get more people coming to Lesvos.
Please see

So if you are anywhere near one of out stops (the exact location to be specified at a later date) them come and meet us and let us treat you to a few well known products from the island.

Send us your FIRST NAME / SURNAME / FULL POSTAL ADDRESS and how many times you have been to Lesvos, if you have been before.