Hello and welcome to the Nirvana Travel & Real Estate's site offering VAST knowledge on LESVOS.

An island full of unbelievable SPIRITUALNESS and natural wonders.

Greece's third largest island with international and domestic airport services, the island offers companies and individuals great possibilities.          
Whilst on LESVOS, you can take part in all sorts of activities which are linked with MAIN STREAM tourism - from CAR HIRE and TRIPS, to ACCOMODATION in main tourist areas like PETRA , MOLYVOS, ANAXOS, SKALA KALLONI, SKALA ERESSOS, VATERA, AGIOS ISIDOROS, PLOMARI and MYTILINI, the capital and many other places of interest.
Quieter beach resorts as well as isolated and traditional villages of beauty also have a lot to offer.

SPECIAL INTEREST BREAKS / ACTIVITIES for individuals and small groups are also possible.Bird watching, horse riding, diving, walking, cycling , donkey treks, painting, pottery, health breaks, Greek culture - food(cooking) and drink(tasting), Greek Language courses with traditional dancing and many more health orientated activities such as yoga, massage, reflexology and natural hot springs.

Enjoyable BOAT, MINIBUS TRIPS &  JEEP ADVENTURES are possible - they are a great way to see the island's beauty with lots of enjoyment.
If you are someone who likes arranging CAR-HIRE and BIKE HIRE for themselves then you will have plenty of companies on the island to get a good DEAL.

Come and enjoy the beautiful natural wonders of LESVOS.

As of 2015 the island of Lesvos has been heavily associated in one of the world's historical crisis ever. The REFUGEE CRISIS of the 21st century first started with the island's involvement of arriving inflatable dinghis on its shores. The events are documentated on the page REFUGEE CRISIS.