Let's go swimming

Beaches of Lesvos

The island of LESVOS is one of amazing beauty - its beaches contribute also to that beauty.
There are secluded ones to discover even in high season.

So, on visiting  LESVOS, get out there and discover the off the beaten track, secluded  beaches as well as the beaches in the main tourist areas and villages.  


Eftalou (string of bays)
Fine shingle beach miles long with and without beds and umbrellas Quiet pebble bays with crystal clear sea - nudist area also
Ambelia Beach Anaxos Beach Skala Kalloni

Wide, fine shingle & quiet with nudist bathers

Wide, fine shingle, great views with lots of beds & umbrellas

Wide, fine shingle beach and with shallow warm 'bay' sea


Tsonia (northeast) - Red sand with amazing crystal clear sea
Skala Mestegna - Narrow beach of soft pebbles and crystal clear sea
Skala Kydonon - Narrow beach of soft pebbles and crystal clear sea 
Thermi - Narrow, fine shingle with crystal clear sea
Mytilini coast (towards & after the airport) - Narrow pebble bays with crystal clear sea
Agios Ermogenis - A tiny pictureque bay with fine shingle and crystal clear sea
Haramida - Wide pebble bay with crystal clear sea



Faneromeni Sigri Skala Eressos

Wide,long & deserted with fine shingle & crystal clear sea

Long & sandy with crystal clear sea

Miles of wide, fine shingle and very clear sea


Gavathas - Wide, very quiet fine shingle with very clear sea
Kampos - Wide, very quiet fine shingle with very clear sea
Ancient Antissa - Wide, fine shingle with very clear sea
Kroussos - Quiet sandy bay with cystal clear water - some nudist bathers


Agios Isidoros Plomari coastline Vatera
Miles of beautiful tiny smooth pebbles and aqua blue crystal clear sea - all along the coast from Agios Isidoros to Melinda.  Parts are busy and others are quiet. Miles & wide of amazing smooth pebbles & amazingly clear sea.
Parts are busy & other very quiet.


Gera - (towards the mouth of the bay) - narrow & shingle with clear warm sea 
Tarti - A bay tucked away with fine shingle & smooth pebbles & crystal clear sea
Melinda - A couple of bays of smooth pebbles & cyrstal clear aqua sea.