OUR PRIORITY is to HOME those STRAYS ON THE STREETS FIRST ! To care for them and see that they are safe up until that special day of their adoption.
We can never forget what these strays go through on a daily basis, during the nights and winter days on the streets - no food, water or shelter. We live this sad and distressing experience as volunteers with them but its nothing to what they actually experience !

This group will HELP the STRAYS in any way possible with your help and support !
Your support is appreciated so much and respect for your support is dear to our us & our struggle.
The stray dogs and cats struggling out there on the streets is the most important thing and that can never be forgotten or put to the side for individual gain.


This group is from the group I started for the The Animal Welfare Society of Lesvos as the founders were not on FB. I decided to create this group to help them but as of 08SEPT they decide without any previous communication ( nor throughout the summer) to not want me as a volunteer anymore.
So I will continue the work that I have been doing for the STRAY DOGS & CATS of LESVOS (mostly in the north of the island (& Mytilini the capital) in any way I can to help and make their lives better through getting them adopted to lovely animal loving families and assisting with their care as much as possible up until that day!
Its so disappointing when people show their true characters & lose their initial good thoughts of assistance for the strays - Ive seen and Im talking from experience of this. It was truely sickening to experience and I have chosen not to have these kind of people around me.
The stray dogs and cats struggling out there on the streets is the most important thing and that can never be forgotten or put to the side for individual gain.


Please, if you cant adopt, please foster, if you cannot foster, please sponsor, if you cant sponsor please donate. If you cant donate, please please share our lovely dogs and cats with all your friends, neighbours and family. 
We also help injured strays and neuter/spay as many as possible so to assist towards the reduction of strays.
We do the above with donations from our supporters and lovers of animals. We couldnt do so otherwise. Its a vital factor to our help.

We assist with adoptions and fostering until the departure.
We help to find the best way to get the adopted cat/dog to their owner and have the Animal Couriers as our main service agent who travel by road.  Other animals leave by air and therefore we assist with the booking and transportation and check-in at the airport.

So to get to the above point, yes the strays have to go to the vet and get all the necessary treatment/care needed to legally leave Greece and enter another country.

We ask other animal lovers to help us find suitable homes for the strays and check the adopting family as best as possible and maintain some sort of contact throughout the future. 
We love to become friends with our stray's families and see how they get on.

Our FACBOOK Page is full of the success stories and of strays still needed that success story.
So please join our FB group.   Lesvosstraydogcatadoptions

There, you will also find details for donations. Everything little helps.


Contact: lesvosstraydogcatadoptions@gmail.com