LESVOS Resorts

Lesvos in an island to be enjoyed and explored. Its will entice you back time and time again.
Lesvos has alot to offer every visitor with its resorts and villages.

In the evening visitors can choose between a peaceful meal and/or a drink at one of the seafront and traditional tavernas of each main town and resort, as well as enjoy the late night buzz of bars and discos in the main tourist resorts.

One of the most picturesque villages on the island and in Greece.
Its Genoese castle dominates the village, whilst its well preserved pretty stone houses fall down from the castle walls to the tiny traditional fishing harbour.
Full of whatever you can think it of from cafes to restaurants and bars, its amazing pebble streets and balconies are definately worth the stroll up them to really see the beauty of this village.
2 banks / 3 ATMs / 2 chemists / a docter / a dentist / Police / lots of supermarkets / 2 bakeries /1 florist / 1 hairdresser / watersports / open air cinema / tennis courts & football (and 5x5) pitches / taxi rank / bus stop /

This area just along the coast from Molyvos has one of the best Natural Hot Springs on the island.
It has been renovated so that visitors may visit and use the baths which are located right on the beach. 
The area of Eftalou consists of 3 main bays and continuous ones along the coast.  the further you go the quieter and the less bathing suits you see.
There is a summer bus route starts in Anaxos and finishes in Eftalou.

Another unique village with its own character and attractions.  This tiny seaside village and resort is a flat and very easy place to get around.  Its has some cobbled streets that wind back inland from the sea, where small narrow streets unvail the local residents and their traditional life.
The village is well-known for its church on top of a rock that looks over all the houses.  The church has 114 stone steps and they are worth climbing to see this amazing church and the spectacular view from there.  The village also has a very famous house now a museum located just behind the seafront road by Nirvana Travel's and the pharmacy -Vareltzidena House. 
1 bank / Post Office / 1 chemist / 2 ATMs / some supermarkets / 3 petrol stations/ docter /dentist / 2 bakeries / 1 hairdresser / small ouzo making-bottling workshop / DIVING school / GYM /telecommunications office-OTE /
2 tennis courts / 1 football pitch / beach volley court / taxi rank / bus stops

This is a purpose built holiday resort with a lovelt beach with spectacular views of Molyvos.  It is busy and there are alot of tavernas and supermarkets and a bakery.
This area is known as the beach area for the villagers of SKOUTAROS, located above it. There is a local summer bus service that links up all the coastal resorts - Anaxos is the start with Eftalou being the end.

This is the beach resort of KALLONI, the third largest town on the island.
It is a fishing village famous for its SARDINES - from the bay of Kalloni, the largest on the island. This village has grown into a resort and holiday place for both the Greeks and the European visitors.  There is a traditional square and harbour.  There are some tavernas and cafes on the fine shingle beach on one side of the square, and on the other side there are some tavernas and cafes lining the road/beach area.
SERVICES: 1 ATM / 2 bakeries / some supermarkets / football pitch / watersports
Police / Post Office / 6 banks / 4 ATMs / 3 big supermarkets / hardware shops / electrical shops / Mobile phone shops / furniture shops / cafes / a few tavernas /
2 florists / GYM / dentists / doctors / couriers / Athletics stadium / 24HR MEDICAL CENTRE / taxi rank / bus stops

A beautiful resort with a bohemian feel to it.  Its seafront is lined with tavernas and cafes with wooden platforms over the sand - wich creates an amazing atmosphere.  Its small square is also cute and on the beach's egde. The beach is one of the best on the island, stretching for miles on end. It tends to be busier at weekends with Greek visitors taking time away from their routines. The area is well known as it was the place where Sappho, the feminist poetess was born.
Post Office / 2 ATMs / supermarkets / open air cinema / watersports / doctor / POLICE & 24HR MEDICAL CENTRE - the village of ANDISSA / bus stop /

This pretty sleepy fishing village is so picturesque from above its like a postcard.
The area is well known for its Petrified Forest and Museum.  The island of Nissiopi, opposite the the fishing village also has samples of the Petrified Forest, which is governed by the museum's authorities. The main beach of the village is wonderful - sandy bay overlooking the Medieval castle, the smallest on the island.  The others are on the outskirts. 

A beautiful harbour front is a great first impression for the capital.  The buildings date back to the neo-classical era and have been preserved well to show their amazing architecture.
The castle is the largest in the Eastern Mediterranean and houses a number of concerts during the summer months.  There are a number of museums along close to the harbour front, which is lined with caferterias, shops, offices, and banks.  The two famous museums of Teriade and Theofilos are based 7km out of the capital towards the airport in an area called Varia.  The small streets that run inland from the harbour front are some to be explored - modern and antique shops.
A number of major banks with ATM machines / Post Office / Telecommunications Office / doctors / dentists / hospital / shops / bakeries / airport / ferry port / indoor cinema / tennis courts/ indoor swimming pool / athletics ground / bus station  - services to all the villages / taxi rank

On arrival you will not know what way to go.  It doesnt matter as the beach commands this resort. Its one of the best and longest beaches on the island with its semi-precious pebbles and amazingly clear sea. Left takes you to the busiest area where most of the cafes and tavernas are located and right takes you to quieter parts and to the very end of the beach where Agios Fokas is located and the ancient site there.  Its spectaular views are worth the drive there - an overall view of the area.

The second largest town on the island. Famous for its OUZO production - evident from the ouzo distilleries in the area. After your drive past Agios Isidoros you reach the town centre where you will see its harbour area and square.  There you will also see most of the tavernas and cafes. Away from the seafront of the town are small narrow streets on either side of the river,  narrow town like houses with balconies and winding hilly streets - it resembles an Italian village.  
A number of banks with ATMs / Post Office / Taxi Rank / Bus station / Police / docter / dentist / supermarkets / bakeries / shops  

A small resort that has a fantastic stretch of beach, not too long or short.  Its unique soft white pebbles make the sea even that more aqua clear blue that is amazingly enticing. This continues along the coast to Plomari and further onwards to Melinda.
A drive along this coast is definately worth it. 
A few tavernas and cafes nestle close to the sea with nice sea views.