Special Interest Breaks


SPECIAL INTEREST BREAKS allow the traveller to experience the island from another aspect.
Whether it is on foot, on a bicycle, or in a jeep, the amazing scenery and landscape will just overwhelm you.
The routes can take you through valleys, fertile mountains, lush olive groves and pictureques villages with an abundance of character and tradition.

These wonderful days (or week breaks) of exploring are of easy to moderate levels and require no professional standards or experience to be able to participation.

Care and precision are taken through mule paths, old  hillside footpaths, dry riverbeds, and dirt tracks when walking and wide forest paths, well surfaced rural dirt roads with some slight rough terrain when cycling, which are all part of gaining that unforgettable experience from this beautiful island, full of 'natural' spirit, at first hand.


Breaks are available all year round, but mostly take place during the summer months of the tourist season MAY to OCTOBER when the charter flights operate.

You are able to stay in either one place or more places - alternative combinations of a numbers of lodgings along the routes is also available subject to request, for the whole the duration of your activity.
You could do anything from 3 - 6hours of activity a day, depending on the itinerary and activity.
You will need appropriate clothing and footwear for each activity - equipment / transportation etc. are  always provided for each activity.



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